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15 Reasons to Replace Your Electrical Panel

15 Reasons you may need to replace your electrical panel:

There are many safety reasons you may want to replace your electrical panel but there are other reasons as well. When it comes time to replace your Electrical Panel Contact Chesterfield Electric and HVAC. We are New Jersey Licensed Electrical Contractors. Electrical License #13296C

  • Major Renovation or Home AdditionElectric Panel Replacement | Chesterfield Electric and HVAC NJ
  • Using 60 Amp Electrical Service
  • Using 100 Amp Electrical Service
  • Panel Box is Making a Crackling Sound
  • Fuses Blow Regularly
  • Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently
  • Appliances aren’t Running on Full Power
  • Flickering Lights
  • Outlets are Two Prongs (non-grounded)
  • Multiple Extension Cords
  • More Outlets Necessary
  • Need to Add a Sub Panel
  • Require a 240v Circuit
  • Power Surge Arrestor Needed
  • Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) Outlet is Required
Bonus Reason:
  • Homeowners Insurance Requires an Upgrade

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