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Effects of a Clogged HVAC Air Filter

Maintenance is the key to efficiency and a longer life for your HVAC System



Air Conditioning:

A clogged HVAC air filter restricts air flow. As air flow is restricted your HVAC system will start to underperform. The evaporator coil on your air conditioner will begin freezing up resulting in less air flow from the supply vents. Without airflow the refrigerant that is still flowing through the coils  is not able to absorb heat. This causes the refrigerant to fall below freezing. The moist air around the coils then begins to freeze and clogged HVAC filter - Chesterfiled Electric and Hvacyour system can be damaged or become ineffective at cooling your house.


What happens with a clogged HVAC air filter in your furnace? The furnace will simply stop heating. The heat exchanger located in the furnace will build up heat and set off the limit switch. A limit switch is built into every furnace as a safety mechanism. If the heat in the heat exchanger is too high the limit switch prevents your furnace form producing heat. The limit switch may reset as the heat exchanger cools however if the HVAC filter is not changed the process will repeat itself. This limit switch can get stuck open and you will need a service call to Chesterfield Electric and HVAC.


Maintain your HVAC System:

Proper maintenance and service for your HVAC system will keep it running efficiently and lengthen the life of the system. This saves you a ton of money. A clogged HVAC air filter can destroy your system causing costly repairs and possibly days without heat in the winter or days with out air conditioning on hot summer days. This is not an ideal situation. Chesterfield Electric and HVAC can help you maintain your system with yearly maintenance agreements and routine services calls.


Contact Chesterfield Electric and HVAC for routine maintenance on your HVAC system!

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