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Lightning Damage New Egypt NJ

Lightning Damage New Egypt NJ

What happens when lightning strikes the ground close to your home? You may notice glassy looking rocks around the area that was struck. These rocks are called fulgurite. They are formed when intense heat melts the minerals, in the dirt with clays. You may notice the path that the current from the lightning strike took by dead or charred grass and plants. The current can travel along many objects such as metal fences and other materials that can conduct or attract electricity. One of those points of contact can be a loose ground as in the case of a home in New Egypt NJ. The resident had a loose ground in the ac unit allowing the current to travel into the unit and into the house. The path to ground was the refrigeration lines from the outside unit to the evaporator coil inside the house. The coil inside touched the ductwork of the system. In the images below you can see black mark and damage to the refrigeration lines, this is lightning damage caused by the loose ground.

Not only did damage occur to the air conditioning system in the house but also to the generator. The control board was shorted which requires replacement. Routine maintenance on your electrical system can spot potential problems like a loose ground and prevent issues like this from occurring.


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